"Group Insurance tailored
to save you money"

"Group Insurance tailored
to save you money"

Are you interested?

About You

What is your main concern in terms of benefits?

  • Reduce the costs of benefits
  • Offer the best benefits package for your employees
  • Control the health care costs
  • Keeping your employees healthy and productive
  • Get the best solutions, the best pricing and best services from your insurance company and your benefits advisor

It's Possible!

With over 20 years of experience in the group benefits industry, we can help you meet the challenges of your industry and answer all your concerns, developing customized solutions. To get there, we first analyze your concerns to clearly identify your reality and your business needs. Well aware of your needs and concerns, we will be able to offer a tailored benefits program.

Why should you do business with us?

  • Personalized service
  • Expertise
  • Creativity
  • Transparency

Not to mention the pleasure of working in a partnership with you!


Human Resources Director

If you believe that all group insurance brokers are equal, you've never worked with Brenda.

Brenda takes the time to manage for me the entire relationship with the insurance company. She knows the group insurance contract better than me; she understands all aspects and knows how to make it clear to our employees. In addition, she teaches me tax rules that apply to both the employer and employees.

As soon as I have a question, I contact Brenda who responds without delay. Because she is willing to understand our situation and our needs, she is able to negotiate for us the best rates.

I am reassured about my group insurance; Brenda is here to help!

General Director

Brenda is all I expect from a broker:

  • accessibility,
  • efficient and reliable service,
  • quick problem solving and
  • knows the market.

Director of Operations

Brenda is an honest broker, dynamic and fast. She has a great understanding of how group insurance works. She does not just sell rates, but a strategy adapted to our situation that allows us to save in the short, medium and long term.

Our Services

Group Insurance:

  • Audit Service of your group benefits program
  • Quotes analysis
  • Renewals and analysis of the Financial Statements
  • Actuarial Evaluation
  • Quarterly renewal projections
  • Assistance with problematic claims
  • Assistance in understanding contract terms
  • Calculation of taxable benefits for each employee, cost sharing
  • Tax optimization of your group insurance plan
  • Consultation on the laws governing benefits
  • Trend Analysis
  • Employee’s communication
  • Educating employees and administrators


The Process

The Process

The Process

We offer non-traditional insurance plans such as:

  • Administrative Services Only (ASO)
  • Retention agreements
  • Flexible and modular plans
  • Health Spending Account
  • Administrative Agreement (Cost-Plus)

About Us

Brenda Sater

Brenda Sater GBA, President

Advisor in group insurance and pension

Brenda has more than 20 years of experience in the field of group insurance. Initially, she worked for 4 major insurance companies. Having acquired a strong experience at these 4 major insurance companies, she founded Terina Groupe Conseil in 2012.

Because of her extensive experience with the insurers, she knows the rules and is able to negotiate a tailor-made protection to meet your needs, at the lowest cost possible.

Terina groupe conseil goes further and offers you a unique tax approach that will enable you year after year to significantly reduce the cost of your group insurance.

Brenda took two and half years of courses in Computer Management and completed two Life Office Management Association (LOMA) courses. In 2005, she obtained her Group Benefits Associate designation (GBA) from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) and from Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS).

Robert Vezina

Robert Vézina, Principal Partner

Advisor in group insurance and pension

Robert Vézina has been working in the specialized field of group insurance and special risks since 1987.

During his career he has acquired a solid experience in group insurance programs. He has represented international brokerage firms as well as provincial firms. He is licensed under the Financial Market Authority (AMF) in group insurance and annuity plans and for individual insurance products.

Mr. Vézina holds a group insurance certificate issued by Laval University. Also, he is the founder and the leader of a network of over 1,700 professionals on the web covering technical topics and specific trends in group insurance in Canada.

Our Values

Since Terina Groupe Conseil was established, our philosophy and our values have served as our guiding principles and has governed the way we do business. First and foremost, we aim to build relationships of trust with our clients. We believe that communication is the basis for all effective partnerships and constitutes the foundation for long-term business relationships. We will invest the time required to better understand your operations, enabling us to prepare an insurance program that serves your objectives as an employer.

Client Servicing

Provide all our clients with a professionnal and courteous service focused on efficient communications.


Analyse the needs of our clients and offer insurance programs and solutions that answer your financial and operational objectives.


To be aware of the new tendencies, products and fluctuations of the insurance market so we can provide you with the best solutions.


Give precedence to the interests of our clients in all situations.

Respect and Confidence

To respect your confidentiality all while showing you our capacity to meet your needs to build and maintain our business connection.


To take the time needed to listen and to understand your operations.

Our Partners

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Empire Life
La capitale
RBC Insurance
Blue Cross
Sun Life

Contact Us

Brenda Sater

Office:    514 236-1282


Robert Vézina

Office:    514 703-2244



248, rue Corot, bureau 206
Montréal, Québec H3E 1K9


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