Our Expertise


With over 25 years in the group insurance industry, Terina's team is able to adapt your groupe insurance plan to your needs and reality. Through a personalized approach and a complete group insurance offering, we help you to manage your costs while your insureds benefit from the appropriate plan.

terina groupe assurance collectives our expertise
  • Access to the products and services of carriers across the insurance industry
  • Comprehensive analysis of the financial component of your group insurance plan
  • Cost containment approach
  • Creation of flexible/modular plans
  • Renewals analysis
  • Preparation of calls for proposals and specifications
  • Actuarial Evaluation
  • Employee communication (information/awareness session)
  • Analysis of quarterly claims reports
  • Tax optimisation of your plan
  • Relevance and feasibility study for all the financial arrangements


There are three main types of financial arrangements underpinning group insurance plans:

  • Traditional Insured Plan
  • Insured Plan with Retention
  • Self-insured Plan

Is self-insurance a good solution for your group?

With information on our actual plan, we will prepare a projection that will enable you to make an informed decision on the type of financing best suited to your situation. If you need more information concerning the self-insurance...


Our Process

terina groupe assurance collectives nos processus

At Market Survey:

  • Exploratory meeting: analysis of the current situation and needs;
  • Determine your priorities: Staff retention, cost control, employee satisfaction;
  • Analysis of your current situation: Differences between your objectives and the current plan, cost analysis;
  • Preparation of specifications: Validation of the specifications with the client;
  • Market analysis: receive bids, prepare a report with a qualitative and financial analysis;
  • Solution overview: Retention or replacement of the insurer, choice of insurer;
  • Implementation of the plan: Coordination, enrolment support;
  • Support and monitoring: Administrative assistance, Claims assistance.

At Renewal:

  • We analyze the renewal terms proposed by the insurer, will validate, negotiate and produce a renewal report;
  • Our renewal assessment model guarantees our clients the most competitive conditions while insuring stability of costs in the long term;
  • We monitor your claims experience quarterly and bring recommendations to keep the cost increase down.

Our Customer Service

terina groupe assurance collectives service a la clientele

You will enjoy the support of a team of professionals and get all the information you need for your Group Insurance plan. You will be able to rely on our team's support to quickly obtain the answers to your questions and avoid protacted calls to insurance companies.

We will be the "One-stop" solution for managing and administering your Group Insurance plans.

Our team will assist you in the following situations:

  • Questions, issues and concerns relating to your group benefits plan;
  • Support in disputes with an insurance company;
  • Carrier/administrator meetings to solve existing problems;
  • Disability management;
  • Payroll deductions and taxable benefits.

We provide personalized service, focused on efficient communications and same-day return calls.

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